Evacuation request from people fleeing bombing in eastern Ukraine

We received an evacuation request for people fleeing the bombing in eastern Ukraine and set off at very short notice. We quickly collected a car full of donations. On board we had about a hundred kilos of protein flakes for special conditions, several boxes of adult diapers, dozens of kilos of vitamin tablets, dog food,

wound care and first aid supplies, food and diapers
Tapanila Sports Centre
as well as clothing, toys and supplies donated by private donors.
Some of the aid was immediately posted to eastern Ukraine. The refugees were picked up and after an eight-hour border crossing we travelled to Finland. The Ukrainians were escorted onto the train and continued their journey to pre-arranged destinations. They are now in their new homes. For privacy reasons, we do not publish photos of them. Thanks to all the donors who made it possible to finance this trip. Special thanks to Mat, Heidi, Laura and Pia, whose donations we collected and delivered to the Ukrainians.


We are about to embark on another journey and are dependent on external funding. The only travel costs are for diesel, boat tickets and meals for the refugees. Even a small amount can make a big difference. You can support this activity through a small collection permit:
Recipient: Eva Kivinen, Tommi Ojala or Ronja Tuukkanen
OP: FI3152800020104428
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