Naantali girls’ grant received

Today, we went back to the aid delivered by three girls from Naantali. Over the course of three days, they had held a summer café and raised money for charity. We went to a local orphanage and asked them what they would like. They really wanted yoghurt and sour cream. At the request of the … Read more

Kiev, Irpin

Retrieved from Inka to Kiev to visit the father of my Ukrainian family back home and, of course, to get some hospital supplies. Raakel stayed in Lviv, as her departure to Finland took place before our return. It’s really strange how you’re used to everything. We went to the store to get our lunch and … Read more

Here in Ukraine, once again

We made it to Ukraine. On the way, though, I woke up again with a puncture in the middle of the night somewhere in the countryside. I lost the import/export competition and was selected as a tyre changer. In the rain, of course. Inka I shouldn’t drive at 3am when the tyres always burst. When … Read more