Home page – Ukrainian

FinAID is a non-affiliated charitable organisation.

This organisation was set up by Finnish volunteers at the height of the war in Ukraine. We provide information and try to give you the help you need. FinAid previously used the name Silta22.

Our project was born when a number of people concerned about the situation of women in Ukraine came together. We are still working to help Ukrainians in different ways, both in Finland and in Ukraine.
We can provide information, assistance and transport. We welcome all those who support this common cause. The interests of Ukrainians in the first place.
Our goal is to provide negative support to the Ukrainian side, help refugees to reach safe places, organise emergency transport from war-affected areas, assist and support private households, and help refugees in Ukraine. We organise collections and accept donations. All assistance will be delivered to those in need.

If you want to be part of our community, donate supplies, firewood, transport people, provide transport or help with organisation, offer accommodation or come to help on the spot – contact us on the messaging system!