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Fin AID is a non-binding charity organization
Help Ukraine, get involved today

FinAid is a non-profit association formed by Finnish private individuals, whose principle is to help the small people who are left at the feet of others in big crises around the world.

We are politically and financially independent, people who think about human values, who do everything they can to help people in need.

At the moment, for example, we support those left behind by the Ukrainian war in every possible way, both on the spot and here in Finland.

Supplies, according to the wish lists, go with us all the way to Ukraine, and when we come back, there are often refugees, children, women, pets who are without protection.

FIN AID is a volunteer organisation, formerly known as Silta 22. FIN AID has been continuously in Poland and Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Tasks have included organizing and looking for refugee rides for Ukrainians, transporting and organizing aid shipments to eastern and southern Ukraine, as well as consulting and assisting other aid organizations and volunteers.

All donations will be fully used to help Ukrainians.

We have helped both civilians and soldiers, but also animals with large food shipments.

In the future, FIN AID plans to expand its operations outside of Ukraine and Finland as well.

Want to donate directly? You can do it here:

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